Jessica Lehr, LMT, FB

Jessica has been a Florida licensed massage therapist for the last 9 yrs and counting.  Massage therapy has been an interest in her life since she received amazing results from a Pennsylvania cranial sacral LMT specialist. The results of physical balance from those treatments where what sparked Jessica’s dedication to get an education in order to help all her future patents in the healing support of their bodies. Once here in Florida, Jessica got dully licensed in aesthetics. Your skin is your bodies largest organ and Jessica is trained to help you care for, protect, and nourish it properly.

Credentials on massage and skin care

Jessica earned 720 credit hours in Therapeutic Massage Therapy while attending Baltimore School of Massage (BSOM), part of the Steiner Education Group, located in York, Pennsylvania. Following graduation in 2011 Jessica became Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NBCTMB), the highest credential within the massage and bodywork profession. This certification allows Jessica to be sought after by patients and the healthcare professionals she partners with to help aid in the improvement of their patients’ balance of body and mind.

Jessica’s massage therapy license was just the beginning: the more you continue to learn, the more you’ll thrive. Every two years since graduating in 2011 Jessica has taken the required 24 hours of continued education classes to renew her Florida State Massage License. These classes consist of Neuromuscular Massage, Thi Massage, Reflexology, and Medical Cupping.

In addition to a Florida Massage Therapy License, Jessica continued to add to her skill set by acquiring 300 credit hours in Aesthetics while attending Florida College of Natural Health, also a Steiner Education Group affiliate, located in Bradenton, Florida to become a Certified Facial Beautician. This program gave Jessica the skill set to perform body/face waxing services, brow tinting, and skin specific facial treatments. Since graduating in 2012 Jessica has also fulfilled the State requirements of 16 hours of board approved continued education classes every two years.